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Joel’s Savings Corner — May 2017

Buy Viagra Cheaply— Very, Very Cheaply  If you’re interested in Viagra, this will be worth your time to read. Even if you’re not in need of it, you may find this moderately interesting. Or you may know someone who could benefit from this information. Viagra is a useful, but rather […]

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Joel’s Savings Corner — March 2017

Joel’s Savings Corner I’m always on the lookout to find ways to reduce bills or otherwise save money without giving up much or any goods or services. Some are fairly simple, while others take a little more work. Here is one that many people qualify for, but relatively few are […]

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Estate Planning

A friend buried his dad recently. His experience speaks important truths to those of us in Texas who await equal recognition of our same-sex relationships. My friend was plunged into profound sadness and unimaginable anger when he found himself unable to honor his father’s wishes that he be laid to […]

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When the Board meets on April 7, two members who have given much to Prime Timers Austin over the past ten years will step down from the Board, leaving two ginormous pairs of ruby slippers to be filled. Dallas Heenan found his way to Prime Timers Austin in 2005. He […]

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Marriage in “The Family”

Oscar Wilde did it. So did a few Austin Prime Timers. That is, they married a woman. While not as unbelievable as Ted Cruz becoming president, a gay man marrying a woman is still curious enough to warrant examination. First, we must understand mid-20th century America, the social setting in […]

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