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Category Archives: President’s Corner

President’s Corner – June 2017

Ah summertime (ugh). The best description I’ve seen of our recent spate of hot and humid weather was “Houstonesque.” Now we pay the price for those warm winter months when we weren’t shoveling snow. Those of you who missed the Anniversary Dinner missed a real treat. The food was good, […]

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President's Corner – May 2017

A year ago Austin Prime Timers participated in a conference on aging sponsored by Metropolitan Community Church. One of the presentations that day was by AustinUp—an organization that was established as a result of the City of Austin’s efforts to reinvigorate it’s plan for making Austin an ”age friendly city”. […]

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Presidents Corner – April 2017

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Presidents Corner – March 2017

And the nominees are … I am very pleased to announce that the Nominating Committee has completed their work and forwarded their recommendations for election to the Austin Prime Timers Board. The members recommended by the Nominating Committee have included brief statements below. I would also like to thank all […]

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Presidents Corner – February 2017

And you thought the elections were over… I know we’re all pretty tired of hearing about elections – but there’s one more you need to know about. With the start of a new year it is time for Austin Prime Timers board election. Our by-laws establish a seven-member board with […]

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Presidents Corner – January 2017

  Prime Timer of the Year  At the Holiday Party on December 11 we announced the winner of this year’s Woody Baldwin Prime Timer of the Year award – Gary Cooper. Gary has done a fantastic job of getting Prime Timers involved in the community – from the AIDS Walk […]

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Presidents Corner – December 2016

In the Navy Long ago, during the Vietnam War, I was a line officer in the Navy – aboard the USS Austin, as a matter of fact. The Austin was an amphibious assault ship, which meant we carried Marines, about a thousand of them. That’s a lot of testosterone in […]

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Presidents Corner – November 2016

As I have gotten to know the members of Austin Prime Timers, I have found they have vast experience in many different areas as well as an amazing list of accomplishments. I’m sure there are boxes of trophies and award stuffed back in their collective closets. But I think you […]

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Presidential Corner – October 2016

Good Lord and butter! These have truly got to be the “dog days” of summer. When I was growing up in the small-town South that’s when the old folks said you had to watch out for rabid dogs, “’cause the heat’s got to them and turned them mad”. I hope […]

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Presidents Corner – September 2016

Happy New Year! Nope, you didn’t sleep through Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the planning process for 2017 for Austin Prime Timers is getting underway and I thought it would be useful to explain that process to members as it begins. At Sunday’s meeting we asked folks for suggestions for meeting […]

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