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Presidents Corner – September 2016

Happy New Year!

Nope, you didn’t sleep through Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the planning process for 2017 for Austin Prime Timers is getting underway and I thought it would be useful to explain that process to members as it begins.

At Sunday’s meeting we asked folks for suggestions for meeting programs next year. If you were not at the meeting or even if you were and have some suggestions you can email them to or get in touch with any Board member. Those suggestions will be used by the Program Committee (the Board currently serves as the Program Committee) to establish a rough outline of the types of programs we will have in 2017 – the work plan for the Program Committee. That will begin the process of searching for the speakers and presentations you will see in 2017.

The September Board meeting, on Tuesday, September 6 at the North Village Branch Library, will be a joint meeting with committee chairs. The purpose of that meeting will be to review what we’ve done so far in 2016 – what has worked well, what could be improved and whether we missed something we should have been doing. We’ll be putting our heads together and having a conversation about Austin PT in 2016 as we begin the process of planning for 2017.

During October our standing committees (Activities, Communications, Hospitality, Member Support, Membership, Programs) will be discussing their work plan for 2017, reviewing what they accomplished in 2016, deciding what their accomplishment goals are for 2017, and figuring out a budget request for getting that done. Those committee reports will be reviewed by the Board in their November meeting along with a review of our current financial status and the Treasurer’s estimates for 2017. There will probably be some questions asked, some back and forth conversations with committees and some refinement of the preliminary numbers.

All of this will culminate in the adoption of a 2017 budget and work plan at the December Board meeting. Over the last couple of years the Board has adopted a set of financial policies which require , among other things, a budget to be adopted before spending begins in the next fiscal year (our fiscal year begins on January 1). The 2017 budget, like the current budget, will authorize expenditures by categories which are roughly the same as our committee structure. That budget, along with what it is proposed to accomplish, will be presented to the membership in early 2017.
If at any time during the next three months you have questions or suggestions about what you’d like to see this organization doing in 2017, remember that email address, or, if you prefer, get in touch with any member of the Board.


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