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Presidents Corner – January 2017


Prime Timer of the Year 

At the Holiday Party on December 11 we announced the winner of this year’s Woody Baldwin Prime Timer of the Year award – Gary Cooper. Gary has done a fantastic job of getting Prime Timers involved in the community – from the AIDS Walk to the LGBT Coalition on Aging. He has stepped out there and pulled the rest of us along with him. In doing so he has raised awareness not only of Prime Timers but also the older gay community as a whole. Gary has also been an active volunteer for the Member Support Committee as well as serving as a Board member.

Gary’s response to the award echoed the sentiments I’ve heard from many of you about all three of the award nominees this year, “you do realize that John and Charley are two of our hardest working most productive members.” The other two nominees, John Guertin and Charley Tucker, have made amazing contributions to our organization this year. As chair of the Membership Committee, John has continued rebuilding our membership roster and has been the creative force behind the great membership socials we have enjoyed this year. Charley has done double duty all year – as Momentum editor and also serving as Treasurer. We owe all of these guys a huge THANK YOU!

Thanks All Around 

While we’re at it, we also need to take a minute to recognize all the other members that have made our lives better in 2016. If you haven’t enjoyed one of the many socials we’ve had this past year you have truly missed some great events. These things aren’t so successful by accident – it takes a lot of planning by both our Activities Committee headed up by Jim Hymes and the Membership Committee headed up by the aforementioned John Guertin. And it takes hosts willing to open up their homes and put out a spread – folks like Gary and his partner Richard Hartgrove, Alfred Engstrand and Rudy Martinez, David Hollier and Tim Newton, Jim Harp and John Guertin, Rodney Almodovar, Joel Christie, Dallas Heenan and most recently the Holiday Party hosted by Michael Chung and Jim Carlisle. There was also that great potluck courtesy of David Elias and Jim Gaston and the games hosts – Jim Hymes, Jim Davis, John Hawkes, Clarence Williams and Rob Blanchette.

We’ve also enjoyed some great programs at our monthly meetings – those are organized by your Board doubling as the Program Committee. The meetings are set up by the Hospitality Committee headed up by David Hollier – he and his folks meet you at the door every month and hand you your name tag (and then do their best to make sure you don’t walk out with it at the end of the meeting). Those meetings have also benefitted from the hospitality of the Atria and the help of their employees. The Board approved a contribution to their employee Christmas fund this year in appreciation for all of their help toward making our monthly meetings more enjoyable.

No list of appreciation would be complete without pointing out the unsung heroes for those in need of a ride, a visit or sometimes just an encouraging phone call – the Member Support Committee headed up by Terry Adcock. Or the Communications Committee headed up by Daniel Owens, responsible for the Momentum, our website and Facebook page as well as the weekly email reminders.

And last but most important – thanks to all of you for your participation, for sharing a part of your lives, for being there for your fellow Prime Timers. It is, after all, that camaraderie we all contribute to that is the core mission of Austin Prime Timers.


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