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Presidents Corner – February 2017

And you thought the elections were over…

I know we’re all pretty tired of hearing about elections – but there’s one more you need to know about. With the start of a new year it is time for Austin Prime Timers board election. Our by-laws establish a seven-member board with two-year terms. The board member’s terms are staggered so that three expire in odd number years (such as 2017) and four expire in even number years. The three board members whose terms expire this year – Gary Cooper, Tom Doyal and Jim Harp have all announced that they will not run for reelection.
The by-laws also provide for a fairly detailed process by which those board members are chosen:

- The current board must appoint a nominating committee of at least three members prior to the January general meeting each year. Our board did that in their January meeting and those were announced at the meeting on Sunday, January 15: Charles Curry (chair), David Soileau, Ron Allison and Jim Carlisle.
– The nominating committee receives nominations from any member in good standing; members may nominate themselves in they are interested in serving on the board or they may nominate another Prime Timer who they believe would be a benefit to the organization as a board member. The committee also interviews the prospective nominees and chooses one nominee for each open position on the board.
- The nominating committee’s recommendation goes to the board which must publish their report in the Momentum prior to the March general meeting.
– The election is held at the March general meeting with all members in good standing present at the meeting eligible to cast a vote. The nominating committee’s recommendations are considered placed in nomination for each of the open positions. Additional nominations for each position may be made from the floor or a motion may be made to accept the nominating committee’s recommendations by acclimation. Those elected will serve a two year term on the board ending in March, 2019.
– The newly elected members take their position at the April board meeting and the newly constituted board then elects four officers – President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer – who serve one-year terms. The President is limited to two consecutive terms; there are no term limits on the other officers or on board members.
The board is empowered to set the annual dues, adopt an annual budget (which must be done before the fiscal year begins on January 1), terminate individual memberships for cause, currently operates as the program committee arranging the programs for the monthly general meetings, and oversees the operations of the standing committees – activities, communications, membership and hospitality. In addition the board may appoint other committees for specific functions – such as the PRIDE committee. The board normally meets on a monthly basis; meetings are included on the monthly calendar and are open to members.

I have laid out all these details because I think it is important the Prime Timers understand how their organization functions and their ability to determine what kind of organization we have. Any individual member has the right to vote, to seek election and if elected to serve on the board and if appointed to serve on committees. With that right of course comes some responsibilities not the least of which is to make your views known, vote for the candidate you feel will make this the organization you want it to be and also to be willing to serve when you are able to do so. I was surprised last year to hear the national president of Prime Timers say that the number one reason for chapters folding has been the unwillingness of any members to take on leadership roles.
I hope that each of you will consider how you can best contribute to your organization – whether it be assuming a role on one of our committees, running for a position on the board or just sharing your ideas on programs, activities or services that you would like to see us involved in.
Nominations for this year’s board election can be sent to or you may contact any member of the nominating committee. Please do so right away as the interview process in underway.

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