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Joel’s Savings Corner — May 2017

Buy Viagra Cheaply— Very, Very Cheaply 

If you’re interested in Viagra, this will be worth your time to read. Even if you’re not in need of it, you may find this moderately interesting. Or you may know someone who could benefit from this information.

Viagra is a useful, but rather expensive drug. Many people buy it outside the country to save money. The problem with doing this is that you really don’t know what you’re getting. Or if they washed out the vats from the last batch of medication they processed. And you don’t even know what country it’s coming from. Every online pharmacy says they’re from Canada. Bull-pucky. They say that because Americans seem to trust stuff that comes from Canada. However, everyone I’ve spoken with on the phone sounds like they’re coming from anywhere but Canada. My advice: don’t buy drugs from an unknown source. If you buy them in the US, the USDA has some authority over them.

One side note: if you ever buy drugs outside of the country, never (and I mean never ), give them your phone number. Do not call them from a phone that you normally use. Once they have found a person who is a paying customer, they will come back to you over and over. They won’t quit. They called me about 150 times in a year. Nothing I did or said could change this. I finally had to change my phone number. Bear in mind that US laws concerning phone solicitation do not apply to them.

Back to Viagra. To buy Viagra, it’s so expensive that you have to take a second mortgage on the farm. But wait—no, you don’t. Here’s where you need to pay attention. There is a drug called Sildenafil. This is a drug that is made by Pfizer, the same company that produces Viagra. The chemical composition of the two drugs is identical. However, Sildenafil is cheaper. A lot cheaper. Why?

Back in the ’90’s, Pfizer was running drug tests on Sildenafil, a heart medication. It passed the tests, and was patented. Then it was put into production. During the tests, they noticed that one side effect of the drug was that you got an erection.  Nice! Well, they started new tests to create a drug for erectile dysfunction. Viagra. Around 1998, Viagra was patented and hit the market. Well, patents last for twenty years, so the patent for Viagra is still in effect and Pfizer can charge exorbitant prices for it for a while longer.

However, the patent for Sildenafil has expired. And it’s much, much cheaper and available as a generic. And guess what: since the chemical composition is identical to Viagra, it has the same very nice effect it always had.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to get some:

  • Start with your very own doctor to get a prescription. How do you get him to give you one? Ask for it!
  • Make certain you tell him (or her) that it’s for Sildenafil (not Viagra). It comes in 20 mg tablets. Ask for that as well. • The blue diamond Viagra pill that we’ve all come to know and love is normally 100 mg. So you will need five of the Sildenafil tablets to equal one Viagra pill.
  • Now, go to the website Type Sildenafil in the space provided. If you change the quantity to 100 (equal to 20 Viagra), you’ll see a list of prices come up for various pharmacies. The cheapest I can see today (it may fluctuate) is $50.75 at Randall’s. I typed in 20 Viagra tablets, and got a price of over $1,100. At $50.75 for 100 tablets, that’s equivalent to a 100 mg tablet of Viagra for $2.54.
  • Next to the pharmacy name, you’ll see a green banner that says “Get Free Coupon.” Click this. You’ll see a picture that resembles a coupon. Take a picture of this, or write down all the info (various numbers). Take this and the prescription to a Randall’s pharmacy, and they’ll fill it for you for the quoted amount. You won’t be able to use insurance with a goodrx coupon. But most insurance plans don’t cover this stuff anyway.

I already did all this to make certain that it worked. No problem at all. I’ve tried the pills. They work identically to Viagra. Use them in good health.

National Parks Lifetime Pass (Act Quickly) 

If you’re 62 or over, you can purchase a lifetime pass for all of the national parks. It is only $10. Yes, $10 for the rest of your life for all of the parks. However, the price is going up soon, to $80. Quite a hike. The articles I read didn’t give a date of the price increase, but said it would be sometime this year, so you may only have a few months left to do this. There are 417 national parks and over 2,000 recreational sites that it will qualify you for.

You can purchase your lifetime pass in person at any National Park. Just have your ID and $10 with you.

Others who can get a pass:

  • US citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities can get a free lifetime pass.
  • Members of the military can get a free annual pass

The rest of us can buy an annual pass for $80. Here are some details for the senior lifetime pass, straight off of a travel website:

  •  Cost: $10
  • Lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or over
  • Access to all national parks and Federal recreation sites that charge an entrance/standard amenity fee
  • The pass may be used for passengers in a non-commercial vehicle, or for the pass holder plus three adults at per-person fee areas
  • 50% discount on some amenity fees
  • Non-transferable and generally does not cover special recreation permit fees
  • How to purchase: in person at the park

— Joel Christie


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