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Your Saturday Morning Joe Is Here

This month’s Social Spotlight features our Prime Timers’ Koffee Klatsch.  Of course, in explanation, we must first start with the name here.  The term Kaffeeklatsch is an old German phrase that means, “getting Together to talk over coffee,” which is exactly what happens here.

The koffee klatsch meets at 11 am every Saturday, including most holiday weekends.  The group meets at the CoffeePeople Café, inside the BookPeople bookstore at 603 North Lamar in central Austin.  When the weather is nice, the gathering meets outside on the open deck area.  When the group first started in the middle 2000s, the meeting location rotated amongst several venues; however, to make planning and attending easier, the weekly gathering has met exclusively at BookPeople for a good while now.

Most gatherings last about an hour, until approximately 12:00 noon.  Some weeks the group breaks up earlier around 11:45, and at other times discussion extends later to perhaps 12:30 or so.  It is very much a come and go gathering, with some people arriving later than 11:00 and others leaving early before the larger group disassembles.  Also, on certain Saturdays, the Prime Timers book club meeting takes place on the same premises, in which case that group’s gathering immediately follows the koffee klatsch.

Regular weekly attendee David Soileau recommends the koffee klatsch as one of the best gatherings for new persons looking for an entry into the larger Prime Timers’ group. He explains by saying, “There is no agenda, which might otherwise limit the conversation.  Nor, is there a noisy crowd to make hearing others a challenge.”

The gathering is very much about making social connections with other members.  Conversation (or gossip) typically involves current events, politics, performing arts, as well as personal happenings of the previous week and/or sharing personal plans regarding the upcoming week.  According to David, one advantage of attending is that you see people at the koffee klatsch that you don’t typically see at other Prime Timers events.

Weekly attendance typically ranges between 6 and 15 people.  There is no RSVP required to attend, making it a convenient option for anyone’s schedule to just stop by.  Even if one is active in other groups, the klatsch can be a nice fallback when you don’t have anything else on your Saturday morning calendar.

In addition to coffee and other beverages, there is a limited food menu at the Café, including breakfast tacos and pastries.  Also, on occasion, someone within our group will bring snacks from home to share with everyone attending.

Join us for coffee and conversation sometime.  Any Saturday that works for you works for us!


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