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When the Board meets on April 7, two members who have given much to Prime Timers Austin over the past ten years will step down from the Board, leaving two ginormous pairs of ruby slippers to be filled.

Dallas Heenan found his way to Prime Timers Austin in 2005. He was first elected to the Board in March 2008 and became president in April of that year, succeeding Phil Richardson. He served two two-year terms, or four consecutive years. At the end of his second term in March 2012, Don Gier succeeded him as president.

Our bylaws at that time limited a president to no more than one consecutive two-year term, so to allow Dallas to serve a second term required a membership vote to suspend the bylaws.

After a year of “rest,” Dallas was again elected to the Board in March 2013, when he and Jim Harp shared the duties of Special Events Coordinators. By January 2014, he was our vice president, where he served until the end of his term on April 7.

In December 2010, during Dallas’s presidency, we reached a membership of 94. In the fall of 2009, Dallas represented Austin Prime Timers at the PTWW Convention in Toronto, Canada. Dallas was our president when we said goodbye to members Sam Sansoucy in 2008, Roosevelt Thomas and Bob Benson in 2009, Steve McBrady in 2010, and Bernard Jones in 2011, and was back on the Board in 2013 when Virgil Richard died.

Throughout his presidency, Dallas’s “From the President” column appeared in Momentum (almost) every month, and even after leaving the Board, Dallas continued his occasional Momentum columns.

Dallas’s Momentum columns foreshadowed the role in which he is perhaps best known, “The Messenger” or “The Veeper.” Dallas continues in that role to this day.

Now that he is (again) off the Board, Dallas will have more time for “doing God’s work” as director of music at Central Christian Church, for “attempting” to garden, for “struggling” to keep his house clean, and for loving “the feline DuBois sisters” Stella and Blanche and his Golden Doodle Peyton.

Charles Burdine, our long-time treasurer, joined Prime Timers in about 2005. For a few years, he served on what became the Hospitality Committee, helping to provide “goodies” at monthly meetings. Then, sometime before May 2010, Dallas grabbed hold of one of Charlie’s arms, and Charlie became a board member. On the Board, he succeeded Virgil Richard as our treasurer and has been our “money man” from then until now. Because Charlie has been and remains a “working man” (he’s a health care policy researcher with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission), Charlie’s Prime Timers involvement has largely been limited to evenings and weekends. Stepping back from managing our finances should bring his life a welcome reduction in stress.



Article by David Soileau

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