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Austin Prime Timer of the Year

The Woody Baldwin Austin Prime Timer of the Year Award was instituted in 2014 to celebrate the founder of Prime Timers Worldwide and of Prime Timers Austin, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of PT Austin, and to annually thank one of our own for their extraordinary dedication to advancing the purposes and the welfare of our chapter.


2016-2017 Prime Timer of the Year  



Gary is relatively new to Prime Timers but has worked for years to improve the condition of the LGBT community in Austin. Gary has served on our Board since 2015 and has been instrumental in increasing community awareness of Prime Timers and building a positive image of an organization that gets involved in the community and gets things done.

Our recent record-breaking fund drive for the AIDS Walk is but one example; Gary was the top individual fundraiser in the 27 years history of the Walk and helped Prime Timers set the record for top organization fund raiser. Gary has also worked tirelessly to involve leaders of the LGBT community in our effort to make Austin a more age-friendly city – especially for LGBT elders. Most importantly, Gary is always there to quietly lend a hand with whatever needs to be done, whether it’s proof reading articles for the Momentum, recruiting new members or being a volunteer driver for Member Support, Gary is always “can do”.

Gary has done a fantastic job of getting Prime Timers involved in the community – from the AIDS Walk to the LGBT Coalition on Aging. He has stepped out there and pulled the rest of us along with him. In doing so he has raised awareness not only of Prime Timers but also the older gay community as a whole. Gary has also been an active volunteer for the Member Support Committee as well as serving as a Board member.


2015-2016 Prime Timer of the Year 


Charles Curry120x150

Charles was one of the three nominees last year when he was a Board member-at-large and chaired the Communications Committee. As our Communications Chair, Charles led our participation in PRIDE Festival 2014, supported the goal of an updated, friendly website under Webmaster Ron A, encouraged our presence on Facebook under Coordinator John G, and significantly expanded Momentum thanks to Editor David S, our 2014 PT of the Year.

As our Vice President this year, Charles is our Coordinator of Committees and the best partner I could ever hope for in leading this organization. He is wise beyond his years; cool, calm, and collected; and smart. But even more important than all that, he really cares! If one of our six committees is having a meeting, he is there, participating in a way that is constructive, but not intrusive.

At the July General Meeting, Charles, with Mark B’s help,organized and led a tutorial on our three communications platforms, with presentations by Ron on the shiny new website, by John on Facebook, and by David on the newsletter. Charles is currently planning a Board Retreat in early November to plan for 2016.

Just in case he might have an idle moment, he has also volunteered to head up ASA’s AIDS Walk Registration Committee. Charles has been involved with ASA for years and has recently organized a group from PT A called the First Wednesday Rubber Tuckers. We spend a couple of hours each month stuffing plastic bags with condoms and lube, hooting and hollering for a good cause.

We are the beneficiaries of Charles’ retirement from a long career in city management, allowing him now to use more of his energy and organizational wizardry in service to PT A. I am constantly amazed at how he does all that he does for us while being there for his partner Elic F, who is recovering from a serious illness, and for his elderly mother, who is demanding more and more attention. I am so grateful that he as right there recently, seamlessly taking charge when my mom passed away.

Charles totally gets it that Prime Timers should incorporate “the need for community, for personal interaction with our peers, and for support in meeting the challenges that come with age.” On a more personal level, I love being his bridge partner. He is a quiet killer!


Written by Jim Harp – from October MOMENTUM




2014-2015 Prime Timer of the Year Winner



Almost all of us know David. If there is a PT event, he is almost certain to be there. David once said that when he retired from TxDOT in 2003, he knew that he needed “to find ways to get out of my recliner.” Not only is he devoted to Prime Timers and its activities, but also to the vast array of choices available from Austin’s cultural community. If there is a symphony concert, an opera, a play, or an art exhibition, David is probably there with his season ticket.

2014 is David’s second round as MOMENTUM Editor, having served before from 2007 to 2009. MOMENTUM is no doubt presently our most prominent and accessible communications medium, and it is pretty obvious David has gone full-speed ahead in expanding it into a colorful and informative powerhouse. There is no one more qualified to organize our club with pages of entertainment and information than David because he is always with us.

He is our resident lawyer, advisor, and whip. He is almost single-handedly responsible for the by-laws revision that was finally completed and adopted by the membership last spring after being tabled for two years. David is a fascinating combination: a man who works really well alone doing his thing for us, and simultaneously enjoying the society of men that he sought from Prime Timers in the first place.